RhythmOne is a technology media company that connects consumers and brands through premium content online.

About Us

About Us

Cross-Screen Advertising

With its roots as a pioneer in video search, RhythmOne has evolved to become a major player in the digital advertising space with a strong presence in video, mobile and programmatic.

Through organic growth and acquisitions, we have deliberately forward-integrated within the value chain and assembled the key components of a unified advertising stack – from consumer to advertiser.

This strategy positions us as a one-stop-shop for all advertisers' needs.


2004 A pioneer in video search, is an internet media platform powered by CORE, an advanced video search engine.

2009  blinkx: We expanded our offering by purchasing assets that facilitated ad supported software downloads which enabled us to deepen our supply of organic, owned and operated audiences and applications.

2011  Burst Media: A display and rich media advertising network for long-tail independent web publishers, Burst Media allowed us to expand audience supply base of new video content. 

2011  AdConductor: As part of the Burst Media deal, we also acquired AdConductor, a display Supply Side Platform (SSP).  This enabled us to take our first step into the growing programmatic space.

2011  PVMG: A self-service, auction-based performance ad network (AdOn) and digital agency (Prime Visibility), PVMG allowed us to expand scale, scope and reach of audiences, products and services.

2013  Grab Media: A video content syndication, distribution and audience extension platform, Grab Media enabled us to accelerate video content syndication and monetization.

2013  Rhythm NewMedia: An ultra premium, brand-focused mobile video technology ad platform, Rhythm NewMedia allowed us to satisfy advertiser requirements by extending into mobile.

2014   Lyfe Mobile: A Mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Data Management Platform (DMP), Lyfe Mobile helped us accelerate our entry into mobile programmatic trading.

2014  AdKarma: A leading Video Supply Side Platform (SSP) with extensive supply and demand-side relationships, AdKarma allowed us to refactor the digital video business and accelerate our growth through Programmatic trading.

2015  Zenovia Digital Exchange: A next-generation programmatic trading marketplace with pioneering technology to filter and segment internet traffic across devices, at scale, Zenovia further consolidated RhythmOne's position in the rogrammatic value chain.

2015  All Media Network: Premium consumer web properties (including, and others), All Media expanded our owned and operated footprint and added significant quality supply.

2015  Rebranded company RhythmOne at PLC level.

2017  Perk: A mobile-first rewards and engagement platform. Perk provided access to premium consumer mobile apps and web properties, expanding RhythmOne's base of unique supply and engaged audiences.


Users or consumers drive value for advertisers and brands in the digital ecosystem. “Owning” the consumer through app or website registration processes helps us build data profiles and better target these audiences. Along these lines, RhythmOne's goal is to help facilitate access to premium digital content across the web.


Individual websites, mobile apps and aggregated networks of websites and apps comprise our publisher base.

In the case of owned and operated properties like All Media and Perk, we actually manage these properties and are responsible for content quality and audience acquisition.

We add this high-quality inventory to our supply base and monetize it through direct placements of premium, high-impact ad units and private marketplaces. 



To build a quality supply base, we also work with and own several publisher networks. We partner with publishers who allow us to serve our ads and content on their sites – helping to enhance the consumer experience and generate revenue for the publisher.

We put our publishers through a rigorous screening process to ensure their inventory is of the highest quality and is of value to our advertisers.

RhythmOne enables its publisher partners to monetize their users and maximize the price of their audiences in the marketplace.

Supply Side Platform

The Supply Side Platform aggregates ad inventory from across the Internet. It is where publishers “plug in” so that their ads can be bought by advertisers on the demand side.

Because aggregators largely do not control the audiences within their networks, it is imperative to present clear, transparent measures around supply quality and brand safety – factors RhythmOne takes very seriously.


The Marketplace lies at the heart of the value chain. It is where transactions between the demand and supply side take place. We match consumers with content and ads in real time, using contextual algorithms and programmatic trading capabilities.

Our proprietary brand safety technology, RhythmGuard, enables us to identify and eliminate fraudulent or suspicious traffic before it reaches the advertiser – creating more efficient and effective campaigns, and maximizing return on investment.

With this integration through the entire value chain, RhythmOne is a one-stop-shop for all advertiser needs, enabling us to capture a greater share of each advertising dollar spent.

Demand Side Platform

A Demand Side Platform is the technology advertisers use to bid on and buy inventory available through the marketplace. Media planners manage and optimize their campaigns through these interfaces.

By defining an advertiser’s ideal customer profile, campaign budget and KPIs, RhythmOne can help reach discrete audience segments through our premium DSP partner integrations -  across devices, at scale, using the most appropriate formats and channels – including desktop and mobile, display, rich media, video and native.

Agency Trading Desk

Larger advertising agencies will often have an Agency Trading Desk.

These platforms are designed to leverage data to reach target audiences at scale across digital media. They typically support direct and programmatic buying, in particular real-time bidding, or RTB, which is media purchased in an auction environment rather than from pre-defined inventory.

RhythmOne works with agency trading desks to integrate with their DSPs to provide access to our marketplace.


Advertising agencies are our primary clients and partners on the demand side.

They represent the needs of the brands, establish the creative direction for campaigns, and define which target audience they are going after as well as the channels that they believe will work best with a given brand or ad campaign.


Through agencies, RhythmOne works with some of the largest brands on the planet, helping to connect them with their target audiences, delivering the right message through the right device at the right time.