RhythmOne is a technology media company that connects consumers and brands through premium content online.

Dan Slivjanovski

Brian MukherjeeMarketing Strategy
SVP, Chief Marketing Officer

Current Situation: 

There are three marked trends within the online advertising industry over the last year that are driving our approach to positioning our capabilities for trade: 1- pronounced shifts on the supply side to Mobile, Video and Programmatic; 2- increased focus on measurement standards for audience verification and traffic quality; and 3- a race to scale and integrate solutions, evidenced by the recent pace of industry consolidation.

We have grown both organically and through acquisitions. When plotted on the value chain, our evolution tells a story of forward integration. We went from pioneering video search technology, to managing an owned-and-operated property, to syndicating Video across networks of sites and, most recently, expanding into Mobile and Programmatic segments. As a result, we now span the entire supply chain – from media entities that place inventory into the ecosystem, to operating an integrated marketplace that facilities the buying and selling of ads. Through RhythmOne, which effectively combines our trade entities under a unified brand, we represent the extent of high-quality, cross-screen advertising available through an efficient Programmatic marketplace where advertisers can reach and target audiences at scale.

Our operational moves provide meaningful benefits to the constituents in our ecosystem – the driver of our marketing strategy. Demand partners seek to maximize their return on investment (ROI). The current fragmentation of spend that occurs – across channels and formats – is an inefficient way for brands to reach meaningful audiences at scale. Our current proposition simplifies the equation dramatically. The 1R unified Programmatic platform lets advertisers access significant audiences through our marketplace, across screens, using the breadth of formats in our arsenal to achieve their goals. This approach emulates the way in which advertisers view their own target audiences and leads to better campaign management, spend optimization, transparency and, ultimately, ROI. As a result, our messaging platform for advertisers revolves around maximizing ROI – supported by our capabilities around reach, targeting, brand safety and optimization.

Supply partners, on the other hand, are motivated by yield and monetization. Quality partners are vital to our marketplace model, which depends in part on aggregation for scale. We encourage quality partners to work with us by pre-qualifying their inventory through our brand safety technology, RhythmGuard. As a result, demand partners provide monetization for supply that has gone through an unprecedented level of filtering and screening among the marketplace contingent, and we can reward compliant supply partners with higher fill rates and eCPM. Our messaging platform for supply partners, therefore, revolves around maximizing yield – supported by demand flow and our ability to monetize the gamut of video, display, rich media and native inventory.

Content providers offer the media that we monetize. These partners are most interested in maximizing the distribution of fixed-cost assets – incremental distribution brings incremental revenue share. As a result, our messaging platform for content partners revolves around the network effect that drives our marketplace. Scale of supply drives an increase in spend, and vice versa. This effect helps to grow our base of content providers seeking distribution and monetization.

Key Insights
  • The preemptive, strategic moves we made to focus on Mobile, Video and Programmatic are essential to our success.
  • Through consolidation of our capabilities and unification of our technology, we can provide one of the cleanest sources of pre-filtered, verified and targetable inventory in the industry.
  • Our forward integration through the value chain builds toward a solution that simplifies engagement with advertisers and maximizes the ROI that defines their success and ours.

A Look Forward

The key to sustaining our growth is having a core focus. As we look ahead, Mobile, Video and Programmatic are the core capabilities that will drive our future. As the industry continues to coalesce around common standards for viewability and verification, we aim to lead the pack by taking a definitive stance on inventory quality within our marketplace. These are, and will continue to be, cornerstones in our go-to-market and communication strategies.