RhythmOne is a technology media company that connects consumers and brands through premium content online.

S. Brian Mukherjee

Brian MukherjeeBusiness Strategy
Chief Executive Officer

Current Situation: 

As with the rest of the industry, RhythmOne has been experiencing a transition – a contraction in some areas of our business, and an expansion in others. We have spent the last 6-12 months aligning with those areas within the company that we believe will be the drivers of growth for the foreseeable future.

The recent consolidation into RhythmOne unites once distinct but complementary teams and technologies into a trade entity that offers a unified and unique platform for advertisers and publishers.  With a comprehensive technology stack that spans the ecosystem, integrated both horizontally, from the end user all the way to the marketplace, and vertically, across all ad formats and channels, RhythmOne is well-positioned to take advantage of key growth areas of the industry, namely Mobile, Video and Programmatic.

With one of the few technology platforms that offers a unified cross-screen solution that accommodates all ad formats, RhythmOne is now prepared to engage in elevated conversations that drive measurable results for digital brand advertising, rather than simply selling ad units and channels.

Key Insights
  • Mobile, Video and Programmatic are key growth vectors.
  • Consolidation will accelerate and create efficiencies that benefit the ecosystem.
  • Brand safety needs to extend to content verification as digital video grows.
  • Viewability and verification standards need to converge and measure ROI.
  • A fair value exchange for users to access content is key to sustaining sector growth.

A Look Forward

Our vision is to democratize access to quality digital content. The Internet revolution has reset consumer expectations where the price of content is essentially zero. However, to keep quality high, the creators of content must be fairly compensated and motivated.  Our goal is to enable a sustainable value exchange where the consumer can access quality content regardless of their ability to pay, and the publisher can monetize through an advertising-subsidized model that is cost effective and mutually beneficial to both parties. This is not going to happen overnight, but is critical for our industry to survive and thrive. We are starting to see some key shifts that will begin to make this possible. 

Mobile Video Comes of Age. Today’s mobile device is essentially a TV in your pocket, except it is always on, broadband-connected, with almost limitless access to content, anywhere, any time.  We are convinced that what search did for direct response advertising and the desktop business, video will do for brand advertising on mobile devices.  For advertisers, it provides a platform to connect with the user at any time, anywhere with a hyper-targetable, hyper‑local message, which is key to driving ROI.

A Safe Environment. Verification and viewability standards continue to evolve and are necessary but not sufficient conditions for success. Creating an ecosystem that is free from fraud is an imperative to which we must all commit. We have made great strides in addressing this need through our RhythmGuard filtering technology that monitors and eliminates fraudulent or suspicious traffic before it reaches the marketplace. Together with our partners and other advocates in this area, we will continue to innovate and invest to create confidence in the bidding and buying environment.

Simple, but not Easy. The future is about simplification and clear ROI. This means streamlining the advertising ecosystem to create a single place for advertisers to access audiences across devices, at scale. It also means making it simpler for publishers to monetize their inventory through consistent tagging structures, and, through standardization, to make it easier for brands to deploy impactful and distinct campaigns at scale – reaching their audiences wherever they are consuming content.  All of this, of course, while delivering metrics that show a direct correlation between spend and ROI.

In this industry, standardization, brand safety and consolidation are the emerging themes that will continue to fuel and grow the landscape. We are ahead of the game on each of these fronts. We will continue our investment in Mobile, Video and Programmatic, and to be nimble enough in our approach to account for necessary pivots along the way.