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blinkx Brings World Leaders, Top Economists and Best-Selling Authors into your Living Room with Searchable Speeches from Cambridge and the Ivy League

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - NOVEMBER 15, 2005 - blinkx, the smartest thing on your computer and on the Web today announced a number of agreements with the world’s top universities and an educational content partnership with the University Channel, making hundreds of hours of academic content from institutions including Harvard, Princeton and Cambridge fully searchable online at Listen to Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger discuss policy; Thomas Friedman expound on globalization; Nobel Peace Prize winners address women’s rights - the partnerships brings users access to critical forums for diverse ideas and ways of thinking.

Universities have long been vast repositories of enormously valuable, but inaccessible information. blinkx’s unique ability to listen to, transcribe, and finally index audio content, is making much of this material accessible to the whole world in a way that was previously impossible. At, users can now enter a search on a specific thought, idea, or even law, and jump to the exact point in a speech that it’s being discussed.

“Our goal at blinkx has always been to help people access the wealth of information on the Web in an intelligent way - to empower them with search capabilities that are truly useful,” said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CTO, blinkx. “We’re delighted to make this content available because we believe that the Internet can be a forum for education and a mechanism for sharing knowledge. Our university partners in these agreements are forward-thinking institutions, who also believe that the Internet is an excellent mechanism to keep this knowledge alive and accessible.”

Top tier universities from around the world are making content from the arts and humanities, as well as social, biomedical, and physical science disciplines, available through the partnership. Beyond Cambridge and Princeton, lectures from institutions including UC Berkeley, Harvard, Middlebury College, Columbia University, Washington State University and the University of Glasgow, will now be searchable through In addition, student and related community content is being provided by Warrick TV (, York Student Television (a student-run TV station broadcasting throughout the University of York) and Bloomsbury Television (University College London’s Student TV Station).

“We hope this partnership with blinkx will help bring the ‘public’ back into the world of public affairs, by making it easier to find and access the kind of well-researched and dispassionate analysis that academia can apply to solving today’s problems,” said Donna Liu, executive director, University Channel.

About blinkx

blinkx, the smartest thing on your computer and on the Web, is changing the way that people think about search. Only blinkx can harness the desktop, Web and TV - unifying content with a one stop search tool. Available to users on the Web at and, as well as free to download, blinkx automatically and intelligently links to content anywhere and in any format, on the Web, on the desktop and even on TV. blinkx’s conceptual toolbar means users are no longer limited to keyword search; instead, blinkx assesses all the information that the user is actively viewing, and automatically recommends and retrieves relevant content, from local, Web and TV searches, based on context. In addition, makes thousands of hours of TV content fully searchable and available on demand for the first time. blinkx is a privately-held company based in San Francisco and London. More information is available at