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A Valentine's Day Survival Kit From blinkx

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - February 7, 2006 - blinkx, the smartest thing on your computer and on the Web, today announced the Top 10 Tips found on for creating a successful Valentine’s Day this year.  With the amazing variety of video content on, we’re happy to present these examples of dedication to all things amore.  Why fumble this February 14 when you can learn from professionals and amateurs alike on how to make this Valentine’s Day special.

Food.  What better way to say I love you than to create a wonderful meal for that special someone?  The good news is that no cooking experience is required; only an Internet connection. Search clips of your favorite TV cooking show stars to find simple recipes on your terms, and on your time: Rachel Ray’s Tiramisu

Music.  Set the mood from the moment you walk in the door by tuning into True Love Radio at: True Love Radio You can set the mood and not have to worry about changing the music as the night goes on.  If you prefer a cheese course with your music, who could resist David Cassidy’s masterpiece “I Think I Love You” at: “David Cassidy” I think I love you

Shopping.  If last’s years present didn’t go over well, watch this segment on gifts that are sure to melt the heart. Gifts that melt the heart

Flowers.  Everyone loves receiving flowers, but some are hesitant to give a gift that doesn’t last.  Follow tips given in this segment on how to pick flowers and keep them fresh and beautiful for weeks: “Make Sure your flowers stay bloomed with these tips”.  Or if you would prefer an alternative approach to giving flowers, check this out: Singing Flowers.

Personal Expression.  Impress your sweetie in your own incomparable style by becoming the star of your own music video.  Release the superstar within and show your love through the power of song: Aicha. Lip syncing works too!  “Asian Backstreet boys”

Dating Tips.  Having trouble meeting that special someone?  Click here for online dating tips: Double Agent Online Dating. For dating tips geared just for single ladies, check out: “Dating Tips for Women”

Surprises.  Don’t let the fun stop on the 15th.  Maintain the glow with breakfast in bed: McDonalds Breakfast in bed.

Pick-up lines.  Everyone has felt tongue-tied when a beautiful person enters the room, but without the perfect pick-up line, many people miss their big chance.  With these pick-up lines, you’ll never be tongue tied again: Pickup Lines “You have beautiful eyes”

Movie Trailers.  Need date ideas?  View movie trailers online to find the perfect film to match the tone you’d like to set on your date.  From sleazy womanizers (“Wedding Crashers” Trailer) to true romance (“Love Actually” stories of love in London).

Safety First.  Last but not least, it is important to remember to protect yourself.  One brand shows you how: Trojan Condoms Horse Vault Ad.  Also works as a conversation starter.

Visit to search for the serious, insightful, funny, and topical issues facing you this Valentine’s Day and beyond.  Blinkx’s video search allows users to search a wide variety of video and audio content online and on demand, making it easy for consumers to find, watch, and listen to multimedia content on the web.

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