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blinkx Signs Content Agreement with Revver

San Francisco, CALIF. - March 27, 2006- blinkx, the smartest thing on the Web, today announced a content partnership with Revver Inc. (, a service that allows video creators to freely distribute, track and monetize their original videos anywhere online.  Under the terms of the agreement, blinkx will index Revver content in multiple formats, so that users can easily search for and view Revver content directly from users will now have access to hundreds of hours of user-generated content from Revver, and Revver’s creators will have access to blinkx’s millions of online viewers.

Revver is revolutionizing the marketplace for online video by appending ads to videos, allowing video creators and owners to earn money when viewers click on the ads. As a result of this partnership, Revver content will be widely available and searchable on blinkx.  The partnership will increase the visibility of Revver content and benefit the company’s creators and advertisers.

“By monetizing video content, Revver is empowering people to earn money from their creativity. In the marketplace for online video, this is a big leap forward, and we are delighted to be a part of it,” said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CTO, blinkx.

As the only search engine optimized for rich media content, blinkx is an ideal partner for Revver. blinkx uses advanced speech recognition technology to automatically index and transcribe Revver content, which will play back through the player. blinkx supports multiple file formats, so users can view Revver content on full screen playback mode or upload Revver content through RSS, ATOM feeds and iTunes Video iPod or other portable media player.

“Blinkx is a great place for people to easily find and watch videos online, and we are always looking for new ways to distribute our creators’ work. This partnership creates a win-win for everyone.” said Steven Starr, Founder and CEO, Revver.

About blinkx

blinkx, the smartest thing on your computer and on the Web, is changing the way that people think about search. Only blinkx can harness the desktop, Web and TV - unifying content with a one stop search tool. Available to users on the Web at and  as well as free to download, blinkx automatically and intelligently links to content anywhere and in any format, on the Web, on the desktop and even on TV. blinkx’s conceptual toolbar means users are no longer limited to keyword search; instead, blinkx assesses all the information that the user is actively viewing, and automatically recommends and retrieves relevant content, from local, Web and TV searches, based on context. In addition, makes thousands of hours of TV content fully searchable and available on demand for the first time. blinkx is a privately-held company based in San Francisco and London. More information is available at

About Revver

Revver Inc. is a service for video creators and owners that allows them to freely distribute, track and monetize their original videos anywhere online. Revver appends videos with ads so that creators or affiliates can distribute the videos, track how many times they are watched, and earn money via ad click-through. Simultaneously, Revver offers valuable capabilities to advertisers, who can connect to specific demographics through tag-based keywords and track the performance of their viral ad campaigns. For more information, please visit