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Best Ways to Celebrate Summer from

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - July 11, 2006 - blinkx, the biggest video search engine in the world, today announced top ways to make this summer one to remember.  With the amazing variety of video content available at, there’s no excuse to let summer pass you by.  Check out these great ways to enjoy the best months of the year!

Summer Blockbuster.  The smart money is on the new ‘Man of Steel,’ Brandon Routh, to run away with this summer’s film receipts.  As Lex Luther tries to bring the world to its knees, millions are wondering if this film’s Lois Lane is smart enough to make that Superman/Clark Kent connection.  Check out the trailer here: Superman Returns - international trailer

Connect The Dots.  And speaking of global destruction, Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ lays out the science and the politics around global warming.  Something to think about as you plan your summer travel.  If Gore had been this persuasive in 2000 ...  Check it out at: Al Gore encourages everyone to see an inconvenient truth

Get Off Your Yoga Butt.  If you’re reading this, you are probably already doing yoga, know someone doing yoga, or thinking about doing yoga.  So quiet your mind, do your breathing, and find peace in the fact that you are more coordinated than the people in this clip.  Taryn shows us the new Yoga butt workout

Grill Management 101.  BBQ safety experts share tips such as keeping the cooking area well-ventilated, and making sure pets stay away from the grill.  There is no comment, however, on what to do when you pet is a tasty Angus steer. See bbq safety tips for memorial day

World Cup.  Catch the best and greatest soccer clips from the World Cup. Whether or not you made it to Germany or your local bar, has all of the highlights with a kick…er click..of the mouse. World Cup

Surf’s Up.  As if balancing on a floating board wasn’t hard enough, try it on a 30 foot swell.  Check out this gnarly ride, but do it from the safety of the beach.  See Extreme surfing and veritable avalanche

Summer Lovin’.  Who can forget their childhood summer crush.  Reminisce as Sandy and Danny break out in song and dance with the big hit from “Grease”, “Summer Nights”.  Feel free to sing along.  You know you want to. See Olivia Newton John & John Travolta - summer nights

Visit to search for the serious, insightful, funny, and topical issues facing you this summer and throughout the year.  blinkx’s video search allows users to search a wide variety of video and audio content online and on demand, making it easy for consumers to find, watch, and listen to multimedia content on the web.

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