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Mobile Videos Go Online with Launch of SelfcastTV

24 July, 2006 - Millions of UK mobile phone users will finally have something to do with their videos thanks to SelfcastTV, the world’s first super-fast video share site that lets users text their videos straight to the site.  And it’s not just for mobile phone users - anyone with a PC can head to and get their mini-movies online and seen by millions in a matter of minutes.

With a simple registration process and 3-step upload system; SelfcastTV is set to make its mark in the UK with the general public, as well as the early adopters. Whether you’re filming your mates’ antics down the pub, your own home-made movie or you’re taking your first step to get on TV like Ron Atkinson’s recent video blogs during the World Cup, SelfcastTV allows you to quickly and easily upload your video content to the site, from your mobile phone or PC so they can be searched and viewed by other users.

SelfcastTV users can also create their own channel to select and view their favourite videos and can even use the MovieMode feature to combine their selected footage into one continuous video.

“Just as podcasting was the craze of 2005, video blogging and sharing is what is taking the world by storm in 2006.  Whether it’s making videos or just watching them and sending them on to friends, everyone’s got the bug,” said Suranga Chandratillake, founder of  “What makes SelfcastTV stand out from the crowd is that our users can upload footage straight to the site with a simple text message.  Unlike other popular video sharing sites, SelfcastTV is a UK site, built specifically for the UK market and we’ve made sure we have tailored services and features that fit with what the UK audience wants.” users can embed their video files into other websites such has My Space, Ebay, Xanga and

The new service supports more formats than any other video sharing site as well as boasting a faster turn around time from upload to download.  With only a handful of fields to register and even fewer to upload content, SelfcastTV is the most straightforward and efficient service for consumers wanting to get their videos online.

Other video sharing sites require much more information from the user when uploading content to help other users effectively search the site for content. SelfcastTV uses the power of blinkx search technology that uses speech recognition to allow computers to understand videos - meaning more relevant search results for anyone searching for content and less work for anyone uploading content.

Check out the site at

Text 07893 111 222 to upload your videos straight to SelfcastTV

Specific new features:

  • Mobile Features

       - MMS your clips to

       - Easily download clips to your iPod, PSP, mobile phone or other
         portable media player in MP4 format

       - Upload your photo from your mobile phone

  • Channels

       - Create channels from your favorite searches

       - Subscribe to friends and other people’s channels you find interesting

       - Bookmark favourite videos

  • Profile

       - Create your own title quote

       - Upload your favourite pictures

       - Read any comments you or your mates have ever left

       - Link to your and your mate’s homepage

       - Add friends

  • Other Features

       - Leave behind your thoughts with comments

       - Rate each clip

       - Email your favourite videos to your mates

       - Easily imbed video into your own personal blog, MySpace or

       - Movie mode allows users to watch search results continuously
         without having to click on each individual clip

       - Fullscreen allows users to watch clips on the full monitor screen

       - Blog updates from the Selfcast team themselves - featuring some of
         their favorites for viewing

    SelfcastTV is brought to you by the team behind blinkx

    Press Contact:

    Tim Turpin
    +1 (415) 321 1894