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Digital Content Distribution Made Easy: Web Widgets - What They Are How They Can Bring New Life To Your Blog - Video Guide

Blinkx.TVis an excellent video search tool that scours the entire internet for video content, just as regular search engines do for text. When it has done so, it produces a beautiful wall of video, which can be scanned over with the mouse to highlight, zoom in on and reveal further details about a particular video that has caught the eye of your site visitor.

By clearly tagging your videos in the first place, and then running a search on the tag you have used - or else simply searching all of the content out there on the web - Blinkx.TV’s widget offers you a visually arresting way of indexing great video content directly relevant to your blog post or entire blog. What Blinkx adds to this simple act of content distribution is a beautiful aesthetic that will wow your site visitors.

Blinkx.TV’s widget is available directly from their site and can be accessed by running a search, selecting “Wall It”, and copying the code that appears at the bottom of the video.