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The new 100 most useful sites

Two years ago most Britons didn’t have broadband and Web 2.0 was barely a twinkle in a developer’s eye. Things have changed - as our cream of the crop for 2006 shows

In 2004, the internet was a different place: there was, for example, no YouTube, and most Britons online didn’t have broadband. That’s changed dramatically: now, more than 75% of users have broadband, and the arrival of Web 2.0 has brought sites where the interaction is as fast as if it were on your machine. So we’ve revisited the “cream of the crop” that we brought you two years ago.

Some of the crop is brand new; some has stood the test of time. As before, we have 100 sites in 20 categories. That of course means that your favourite might not be here (even if you suggested it on our blog). Email us with your suggestions for the ones we should have included.


Google continues to tighten its grip on our hunt for information (it now gets half of all searches) but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Search can now encompass your hard drive, blogs (a separate category - see above), images, peer-to-peer and even what used to be out there. Blinkx remains unique with its focus on video, while Ask (now without Jeeves) has made great strides recently, though it only gets a tiny portion of searches.