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Every Demo 2007 startup ranked from 1 to 62

I endeavored to speak with representatives from every private company at the Demo 2007 conference. I missed a few, nearly got punched by a few others, and in the end, learned enough to rank them all in order from best to worst.

The criteria is based on the likelihood of the startup becoming a large and profitable company over time or earning a big return on investment in the next few months. Basically, home run investments. Putting valuation aside, this is my ranking of the companies that I would and wouldn’t invest in right now.

Blinkx - They’re already doing well. Will fly higher when video ad inventory matches its video aggregation capability. Video search leader has a chance to leapfrog Google.

Boorah - Best approach to user-generated reviews I’ve seen yet. Not facing the typical local ad barriers. Needs a better user interface and to master each vertical it enters.
Vringo - Love the market and the technology. Targeting the youth market with video ringtones. Easy to understand revenue model.
Zink - Truly breakthrough technology. Smart business model based on paper, rather than hardware sales. If it gets the right deals and stimulates market demand, could be a phenomenon.
Shipwire - Outsourced shipping and storage solution is very scaleable. Complicated to manage. Easy to market with capital.
Aggregate Knowledge - Outsourced recommendation engine. Immediate return on investment for publishers and e-commerce sites. How big can it get?
SplashCast - Too tough to choose between the numerous personal video players. Pick ‘em. (Although $5 million from Benchmark boosts their rating)
Me.dium - Makes browsing a less solitary activity. If it can catch on, a big hit.
6th Sense Analytics - Clear ROI for buyers. No other software project analysis programs out there as good. Raised a fresh $5 million first round. See URL for list of all 62 companies.