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blinkx To Power RealPlayer's Search

RealPlayer was resurrected last month, and in the process, the media player’s parent company rubbed elbows with Google.  Now word has come that Real also worked something out with Blinkx, and in what the two corporations have termed a “global partnership,” Blinkx “will power video search for the new RealPlayer.”

“A video search box powered by blinkx will be embedded in the RealPlayer window, so that its millions of users will now have direct access from within the Player to a fully-searchable index of over 12 million hours of online video,” a press release continues.

In case you’re wondering, this will not conflict with the Real-Google arrangement - as David Utter reported, that involved RealPlayer being added to the Google Pack of software.  Yet there may still be problems, and Jeff Chasen, vice president of RealPlayer, even mentioned the reason in an official statement.

“The new RealPlayer will give people the ability to easily download non-DRM protected videos from thousands of sites, so giving our users access to a best-in-class video search experience is critical,” said Chasen.  That access may not last for long, though, if lawyers attack Real’s ability to deal in non-DRM protected video.

On the bright side, Blinkx has done quite well for itself, making all sorts of partners and nailing an IPO.  Perhaps some of that luck will rub off on Real.