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blinkx Opens Ad Targeting Service for Embedded Video to All, Shares Revenue

Video search service Blinkx will make its online video ad targeting capabilities available to any Web site starting today, expanding beyond its media partners to let bloggers and Web site operators make money from the videos they embed from MySpace, YouTube and other video-sharing sites on their pages.

Blinkx has been testing its video ad engine, called AdHoc, with a handful of media partners over the last few months. Now the service will be available to anyone who embeds video in a Web page, effectively operating like a Google AdSense for video.

Blinkx will share revenue generated from the ads 50-50 with the Web sites.

To use the new AdHoc widget, Web sites sign up on, create an account, copy the embed code of the video, and then copy and paste the AdHoc widget code into their blog, Web site or MySpace page. When Web visitors come to those pages, Blinkx will serve up a small contextual ad alongside the video, based on the content of the video. For instance, if a blogger embeds a video on travel in San Francisco, Blinkx likely would pair it with text ads for hotels in the Bay Area.

“Viral video has been a big thing, and it’s grown fast and virally, and people are embedding videos and sharing them with their reader base. This lets them tap into revenue,” said Suranga Chandratillake, CEO of Blinkx. “This allows information about video to be spread across the Web in an infectious manner.”

Blinkx has indexed more than 14 million hours of video and audio content on the Web.