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Search engine for free web TV goes live

From Coronation Street to Big Brother, the best of British TV is now available in one place after the launch of a new web TV service.

blinkx claims to have developed the equivalent of a search engine for free internet TV, offering UK users the ability to seek out any British TV programme available on the web.

Shows from BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five and others are included in the search index, meaning anything which is available through on-demand services like the iPlayer is quickly accessible.

Online TV has long been available through non-legal measures as individual users post programmes on the web, but the last few months has seen a huge growth in legal TV streaming.

blinkx says its blinkx Remote service filters out video spam, illegal clips, and inappropriate material.

Users will only be provided with full-length legal episodes and can sign up to email and RSS alerts to inform them when their favourite programme is available.

“The online video landscape has changed dramatically over the past year - what was once the domain of short-form, user-generated material, has become the realm of premium television,” said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of blinkx.

“It’s a tremendous source of news and entertainment for consumers, but the content is spread across myriad sites belonging to national broadcasters and media giants. blinkx Remote uses our award-winning video search technology to help consumers find their favourite TV shows quickly, easily and in one place.”

Although only currently available in the UK, a similar service is being developed for the US.