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blinkx adds new search tool

Find and watch TV on the web

A new way of searching through the mountains of TV material available online has been unveiled by blinkx.

The blinkx Remote service is a new, and quick, way of finding and watching TV episodes on the Web.

The company explains: “Online video is no longer solely the domain of skateboarding kittens and the odd clip of David Brent dancing”.

“Viewers can now watch full episodes of their favorite television shows when it suits them, without worrying about the link cutting out halfway through.”

But there’s so much out there so blinkx has designed the new etool, which filters out video spam, illegal clips and inappropriate material that has been falsely tagged.

This means audiences just get access to full length, legally available, episodes of their favourite TV programmes.

And they can also sign up to receive alerts when a new show is posted through RSS or email.

The blinkx Remote is available for UK audiences now and a version of the product for the US market is upcoming.