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TV on demand just got less demanding thanks to blinkx Remote

TV on demand just got a little less demanding with the launch of blinkx Remote, a new online service that lets you watch your favourite programmes from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five whenever the mood takes you. A single gateway for online TV, gone are the days of wading through grainy home movies and happy-slapping clips, thanks to patented video search technology that filters out spam movies. Happily, this ensures that only high-quality, full-length episodes from reputable sites make the blinkx grade. With links to over 26 million hours of video to occupy your every waking hour (and then some), blinkx claims to be the largest and most advanced video search engine on the planet, and its Remote service will “make your TV jealous”, or so it says. “Completely redundant” is another phrase that springs to mind.