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Hot links - This week's best new clicks


The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics gets under way this Friday, kicking off more than two weeks of sporting action and giving every vaguely physical activity from dancing in water (aka synchronised swimming) to fast walking (or power walking, if you prefer) a shot at the back pages. Let’s face it, by week two you’re going to struggle to feign excitement, even if the men’s coxless fours pull off the usual gold medal-winning shtick.

To relieve those Olympics frustrations go to , where you can play a mindless game that involves using your space bar to propel a crash test dummy over a jump and towards a target.

It’s seriously old school (sub-Daley Thompson’s Decathlon on your old Commodore 64). For a more in-depth look at the Games visit , a useful and unofficial blog dedicated to all things Olympic.


The BBC, Channel 4 and ITV all now put programmes online to stream to your computer or download for later viewing. Rather than having to keep checking each broadcaster’s website, blinkx brings together all their offerings onto a single, searchable website at .

The result is more than 1,000 British television shows available to view - and just part of the 26m hours of online video already indexed by the company.


Despite his protestations that he was simply starting a debate, it’s widely considered that foreign secretary David Miliband threw the first punch in a Labour leadership contest last week. Keep up with the potential challenger’s thoughts via his personal blog at - you can be certain Gordon Brown will be logging on.

Or, for a frankly more entertaining time, follow the odds on the Labour leadership race at then place a bet at . The latest price for Brown to remain in office longer than Blair: 1-100.


The clever little tool at will read your browser’s history list and, based on the websites you’ve visited recently, make a guess at your gender. It’s spookily accurate - and a little sinister, as it’s been developed to help target online advertisements more accurately.