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SeeSaw must make sure its service is distinctive

The launch of SeeSaw offers further proof that the race to replace traditional TV continues apace. However, your report regarding SeeSaw’s quest to secure more ITV content (nma 17 February) highlights an important point: the real challenge that content aggregators like SeeSaw and Hulu face is that, in order to replace TV, they’ll have to strike deals with all the TV content providers. Not one of them can do this and it’s difficult to believe they ever will.

Many broadcasters and content producers are still navigating possible online business models and are reluctant to offer their content to any single player exclusively. This means services like SeeSaw will struggle to create something unique.

The passive viewing of traditional TV is rapidly being replaced by personalised schedules and, as IPTV and other streaming platforms arrive, SeeSaw will need to meet a diverse set of viewing demands. It’ll be fascinating to see how SeeSaw differentiates itself by attracting the interest of major broadcasters, advertisers and content providers.

After all, using SeeSaw today is like buying a TV from Dixons that can’t tune into ITV.