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Clegg wins online video search trends while Gordon Brown was beaten by Lady Gaga as Leaders Debate closed

Channel 4

Online video provider blinkx has some interesting statistics from last night’s ITV Leaders’ Debate. Following the trends from online and traditional polls, Nick Clegg was the most searched for leader. Lady Gaga, the personality the company monitored as a control climbed as soon as the debate veered onto questions about elderly care, beating Gordon Brown as the Leaders’ Debate closed.

blinkx say at 10pm the number of searches for the Liberal Democrat leader was up by 210% on the baseline numbers from two weeks ago, and on average was up 126% over the debate.

David Cameron meanwhile at one point was up 550% above baseline levels, but on average was 125% up, while Gordon Brown’s search numbers were up by 83%.

Some other interesting stats on a leader by leader basis.

David Cameron
Searches for the Conservative Party leader were highest during the immigration debate (up 560%), also on the economy- up 90% and during discussion on the NHS up 110%.

Gordon Brown
Searches for the Labour Party leader and current prime minister spiked during the economy debate up 150%. He was say the company the least searched for leader during the closing debate, just 25% up above baseline levels.

Nick Clegg
The Liberal Democrat leader was actually the least searched for leader at the start of the debate. It spiked during the debates on law and order and on the economy. During the closing statements, he was the most searched for leader up 210% on baseline levels.

But the most interesting of all the numbers is the control personality, Lady Gaga which was monitored throughout. Searches for her climbed steadily and peaked during the questions on the elderly, perhaps indicating that the young people watching ITV’s debate decided to start searching for music videos when questions about pensions and elderly care were raised. Lady Gaga actually edged above Gordon Brown in the closing ten minutes!

There are some other interesting statistics showing how search queries for topics relating to the discussion changed during the debate.