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blinkx Adds Behavioral Targeting to Video Ad Network

Video search and recommendations firm blinkx is adding behavioral targeting to its mix of video ad tools, enabling advertisers to reach certain key demographics of users that visit its site and those of its publisher partners.

blinkx launched the AdHoc contextual ad targeting platform in October 2007, which uses its video search technology to match advertisements against relevant videos in its network. blinkx CEO Suranga Chandratillake said in an interview with that the company has served up about 850 ad campaigns from 60 agencies through 2008 and 2009.

Now blinkx is adding behavioral targeting to the mix, allowing advertisers to serve ads to relevant groups of users. Based on its search technology, blinkx can group types of videos that share relevant info and, by tracking anonymous user behavior over time, it can identify groups that view those videos. As such, it can serve ads that are aligned with a certain viewer’s habits and interests, regardless of the type of video that he or she might be watching at a given time.

blinkx sees about 60 million unique visitors a month, about a third of which view videos on and two-thirds of which come through its partner network. While its partners make up the largest percentage of its ad traffic, the website itself has been the fastest growing part of the network.