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Market Forces Live Blog

Lower down the market, blinkx, the video search engine business spun out of Autonomy, rose 12.25p to 65p as Samsung chose the company to participate in its SamsungApps offering. Analysts at Daniel Stewart issued a buy note, saying:

“blinkx has also developed a video app for the Android platform, which will be promoted via SamsungApps on its latest Galaxy S handset. blinkx reports that the app, called , blinkx Beat, will be the only such video app to be featured in the SamsungApps offering, which comprises a playlist of the most popular videos available. Blinkx Beat will be made available globally via SamsungApps, whilst in the US the Galaxy S handset will be launched by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

In our view this is a highly-significant development for blinkx on three fronts; it ratifies the suitability of blinkx video search technology for mobiles; it ratifies applicability to the Android platform; it is well-timed for what is forecast to be a surge in mobile content delivery, with the associated opportunity for advertising.”