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Video Search Engine blinkx Gains Weather Clips

Viewers will be able to search over 600 daily weather clips to get local or international reports.

Viewers will soon be able to search for a video of their local weather report. Video search engine blinkx is partnering with to get local and international weather videos. blinkx will serve ads on the videos and will split the revenue with

AccuWeather produces more than 600 weather videos everyday, and draws millions of viewers on its own each month. Now, all its videos will be accessible to blinkx searchers.

“blinkx is continuously exploring new ways to offer users a wide range of video content,” says Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of blinkx. “With’s library of forecast, weather news, and lifestyle videos, we can now help our users better plan for daily activities and travel.”

“ users want timely, local forecast and weather news information wherever they are and on any platform they use,” says Jim Candor, senior vice president of digital media for “By working with innovators like blinkx, we can help make our weather videos even more easily accessible and continue to grow the value we offer our audience.”

blinkx already has over 720 partners and has indexed over 35 million hours of video and audio. AccuWeather provides information to more than 50,000 sites.