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Rising Stars of the Coming Decade

One of the best ways to make money in the stock market is to catch dynamic companies early in their development and enjoy the ride as they grow. Many of today’s FTSE 100 heavyweights started life in modest circumstances. The supermarket chain J. Sainsbury, for example, can trace its origins to a grocer’s store in Drury Lane, London.

Those seeking to build a significant capital sum over the next decade should be aiming to spot the stocks that will be the stars of the FTSE in 2020. Those prepared to make an effort to identify future stars could be richly rewarded. For example, someone who invested £100,000 in Cairn Energy ten years ago would now have an investment worth more than £1 million.

With the help of share experts, Times Money has come up with a list of ten stocks that could be FTSE stars in 2020.

10. blinkx

blinkx has a library of more than 35 million hours of video clips, and holds content from a wide variety of sources, including the BBC.

Mike Prentis, the manager of the BlackRock Smaller Companies Trust, says: “Sales are predominantly in the UK and US at the moment and are growing at between 35 and 50 per cent every six months.”

He adds that “growth will come from greater geographical penetration and ability to search the range of mobile devices”.