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Five growing UK software companies

The UK knows how to build world-class software companies, as proven when Autonomy went stateside for a very pretty penny.

In a previous article on life after Autonomy, we looked at Fidessa (FDSA), The Innovation Group (TIG), NCC (NCC), Sage (SGE) and Spirent Communications (SPT) as examples of firms with leading positions in their chosen fields and a history of delivering reliable growth for investors.

Now we examine another handful of homegrown companies, this time a little smaller in size, but all having demonstrated their solid growth potential.


With a market capitalisation of over £500 million London-based blinkx (BLNX) is, strictly speaking, no longer in the upstart category. Originally a spin-out from Autonomy, the internet media platform company has proved its worth, delivering a 73% increase in revenues, to $198 million (£124 million), at May’s full-year results.

Pre-tax profits more than doubled, to $24.6 million, as CEO S Brian Mukherjee spoke of a “record” year where the company successfully managed to take advantage of opportunities; advertisers are following audiences online in a trend that boosts the growth of video advertising. “The opportunity for Blinkx lies in maximising yield through product innovation, expansion of its distribution channels and the capture of new and emerging revenue streams,” concluded Mukherjee.