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Rhythm Announces Release of First HD In-Stream Mobile Video Advertising Solution

MOUNTAIN VIEW CA—(Jun 17, 2014) -  Rhythm, part of the blinkx group of companies, announced today the release of their HD mobile video advertising solution, making them one of the only mobile video advertising providers that currently sells and serves HD video advertising for smartphones and tablets, and the only provider of in-stream mobile video in HD. The solution is also available for advertising on connected TV.

“With the rapid growth of mobile video consumption, one of the biggest challenges as an advertiser has been reaching mobile viewers at scale while maintaining a smooth user experience,” said Jeremy Siegel, Supervisor of Digital Investment and Mobile Strategy at OMD. “The ability to deliver HD in-stream video spots that match the quality of TV is a huge step forward.”

HD mobile video is a highly desirable part of advertisers’ media mix, enabling video creative to deliver a truly vivid, high-impact experience to consumers. Rhythm’s HD video ads are presented full-screen at a 16:9 aspect ratio and can be served as in-stream video, meaning the ads appear within video content, mirroring the experience of a TV commercial. They can also be served as interstitial video, where the ads appear during screen changes, such as between game levels or at app launch.

Historically, bandwidth and video player limitations have stymied HD video from becoming a viable solution on mobile devices. Latency between the ad call and the ad’s appearance on the screen meant viewers often navigated elsewhere before seeing the ad, leading to lower completion rates. Video caching on mobile devices, or downloading a video ad in the background so that it can serve instantly once called, has mitigated the problem. However, caching multiple ads can consume available bandwidth on some devices and restrict the ability to dynamically target ads in real time.

With the launch of its HD solution, Rhythm has solved the latency and the bandwidth issues by dramatically improving its video server network to handle high definition, multi-profile video transcoding at scale, allowing Rhythm to serve millions of mobile device requests for HD video every day.

“Mobile video already provides the most highly engaging, ‘lean in’ advertising experience. Today we up the ante by providing advertisers with high definition in-stream video delivery at scale,” says Josh Stivers, VP of Ad Solutions at Rhythm. “Now, brand video ads can be seen by mobile audiences in rich quality HD, without the drawbacks of resizing or pre-caching.”

Publishers will benefit greatly as well, as the HD video rendering capability increases the value of their mobile inventory. Rhythm’s flexible integration options also enable publishers to choose between implementing a VAST tag, which enables HD in-stream video to be served across iOS, Android OS and connected TV formats; or the Rhythm in-app SDK, which allows publisher to monetize with premium HD-enabled in-stream video and mobile rich media ad units.

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Rhythm, part of the blinkx group of companies, connects brand advertisers to the largest, most engaged audiences across smartphones, tablets, and connected TV by selling and serving immersive video and rich media advertising. Having partnered with the industry’s foremost media and technology companies since 2008, Rhythm is the leader in holistic multi-screen campaign execution with proven solutions for targeting, verification, research, and creative asset development. More than 300 top brand advertisers run campaigns with Rhythm, including P&G, Unilever, Pepsi, McDonald’s, General Motors, Ford, AT&T, and Verizon.

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