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USA-BEL game generates 15 million social posts

The dramatic USA vs. Belgium World Cup game this week was one of the most talked about topics on social media of all time, garnering more than 15 million social media posts with a combined Twitter reach of 1.6 billion users.

It was the third most talked-about game since the start of the World Cup, just below Brazil’s games against Croatia and Chile.

“In a country known more for football than futbol, Americans flock to social media to support their team on the world stage,” said Dave Neuman, social media manager at Prime Visibility. “World Cup fever is now in full effect, capturing international attention as teams compete for the top spot on the world stage. More than ever before, Americans are getting into the game by engaging with social media as they watch the tournament in restaurants, sports bars, workplaces, public plazas and at home.”

The most talked about players and topics during the game were Tim Howard with 16 saves (record-breaking for a single World Cup match); Kevin De Bruyne scoring the first goal of the game; Belgium’s second goal by Romelu Lukaku; and American Julian Green’s goal, which brought the game to 2-1.

“While [the Belgium] game does rank lower than the Super Bowl in terms of total social media mentions, the World Cup overall has been higher than the Super Bowl,” Neuman said. “Regardless, Americans have demonstrated a very high amount of interest in the event, especially for a nation not known to care about soccer.”