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blinkx Executes Technology Licensing Deal with Zenovia Digital Exchange

Industry-leading technology will allow blinkx to screen, segment and pre-qualify traffic in real time to augment its user targeting and segmentation platform, and provide brand-safe inventory across devices at scale programmatically


London, England and San Francisco, CA. — March 30, 2015 — blinkx plc (“blinkx” or the “Company”), today announces a significant enhancement to its traffic quality screening, filtering and targeting platform for online advertising.  After extensive testing, blinkx executed a licensing deal with Zenovia Digital Exchange (“Zenovia”), a next-generation programmatic trading exchange with pioneering technology to filter and segment Internet traffic, across devices at scale.   Through this investment, blinkx will obtain rights to proprietary software, hardware and intellectual property, including Zenovia’s groundbreaking traffic pre-filtering technology, Velvet Rope. This technology will be integrated into the blinkx platform to expand the Company’s ability to further eliminate suspicious, underperforming or fraudulent traffic before it enters the marketplace.  Deployment of this technology will fortify blinkx’s ability to provide advertisers highly qualified audiences in a brand-safe environment across devices programmatically.  It will also enable the Company to offer its publisher partners a universal platform to pre-qualify and screen their inventory to maximize yield, quality and performance. 

Traditional exchanges serve as brokers between supply and demand partners, leaving advertisers to assess and measure inventory quality after the campaign has concluded.  In contrast, blinkx is pursuing an even more stringent quality measure — screening, qualifying and eliminating underperforming inventory from its ecosystem before it is made available to advertisers.  Zenovia’s Velvet Rope technology enhances blinkx’s ability to run query time algorithms to identify poor quality impressions and block them from entering its marketplace.  By integrating Velvet Rope technology into its platform, blinkx will augment advertisers’ ability to maximize their return on investment across desktop, video and mobile inventory, while providing its Publisher partners higher yields for validated traffic.

“Our mission is to be the dominant aggregator of quality digital audiences at scale, across devices. The ability to prevent, rather than just measure fraud, is the correct approach to provide a brand-safe digital advertising environment,” said S. Brian Mukherjee, CEO of blinkx. “By combining blinkx’s contextual targeting and user filtering technologies with Zenovia’s pre-bid filtering and screening technology, we will be able to pre-qualify, categorize and enrich the inventory we make available to advertisers through our programmatic channels.  We expect this technology to bolster blinkx’s position in the programmatic value chain by providing a definitive, transparent measure of inventory quality against any measurement standard that the Advertiser chooses, and thereby advance the Company’s vision to connect audiences with brands through premium content across devices.”

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About blinkx

blinkx (LSE AIM: BLNX) is an Internet media company that connects consumers and brands through premium content online. Founded in 2004 in the UK, blinkx pioneered Internet Video Search using its patented COncept Recognition Engine (CORE). This technology leverages speech recognition, text and image analysis to deeply understand the meaning and context of video content to generate improved search relevancy for consumers and a brand safe environment for advertisers. Through its partnerships with hundreds of media companies, including NBC, Conde Nast, Reuters and Bloomberg, blinkx has indexed and search enabled millions of hours of video content. blinkx powers video search, discovery or monetization on thousands of online properties including Lycos, Discovery Networks, Hallmark and Fox Sports. blinkx is headquartered in San Francisco, California with 15 offices worldwide. For more information please visit

About Zenovia Digital Exchange

Zenovia Digital Exchange is the next-generation online exchange that delivers optimal results for advertisers and publishers of any size. Its high-performance demand-side platform, programmatic exchange, supply-side platform, and ad server technologies make commerce within the online display media marketplace more efficient so marketers pay less for better targeted campaigns that deliver better audiences. Publishers earn more with Zenovia Digital Exchange because they directly access and optimize across more demand channels to identify the advertisers that value inventory the highest. The platform continually optimizes campaigns across more targeting criteria and more supply and demand, so that advertisers and publishers attain unprecedented results. Zenovia is headquartered in Washington, DC.