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Directors' Dealings

London, England and San Francisco, CA – 23rd March 2016  — blinkx plc (“blinkx” or the “Company”) announces that on 21st March 2016, the following ordinary shares vested as part of the grant of restricted stock units under the US Share Plan for Senior Executives announced by the Company on 17th September 2013:

  • 50,000 in the name of Subhransu Mukherjee; and
  • 16,667 in the name of Suranga Chandratillake.

Each Director exercised his option to fund the tax obligation that arose from the vesting of the shares and now owns the shares indicated above.  
Following this vesting:

  • Mr. Mukherjee has 100,000 restricted stock units, 9,080,000 unexercised share options and 750,000 ordinary shares, together representing 2.46% of the Total Voting Rights of the Company.
  • Mr. Chandratillake has 33,330 restricted stock units, 2,487,179 unexercised share option and 159,770 ordinary shares in the Company, together representing 0.66% of the Total Voting Rights of the Company.